About Us

The World's Most Portable High-Performance Cooler

The IceMule™ is the world’s most portable high-performance cooler. It combines the portability of a soft cooler bag with the performance of a traditional hard esky. It keeps ice intact for up to 24 hours. It rolls up for compact storage and it even floats!


What Makes IceMule Coolers Different?

Unlike other insulated cooler bags, IceMule Coolers are not sewn together and have no zippers - sewn seams and zippers leak.

Instead, the IceMule's design is based on the traditional dry bag concept, utilising welded seams so the IceMule Coolers range of insulated cooler bags, backpack coolers and fish bags are able to carry real ice for long periods without leaking!


But what makes the IceMule a truly high-performance soft cooler is the double-layered shell that houses insulating foam between the layers - in essence creating an incredibly well insulated dry bag that keeps ice intact for up to 24 hours. Plus, the IceMule Coolers watertight roll-top closure and side release buckle make it easily accessible and the padded back-strap makes it highly portable. 

The IceMule Coolers range of insulated cooler bags, backpack coolers and fish bags exist so that you can enjoy the outdoors without constraint – go wherever you want and have a cold drink when you get there - whether you are hiking to the top of a mountain, going out paddling or just sitting on a secluded beach somewhere.
What Are People Saying About IceMule Coolers?

“I almost cannot remember a time when I did not carry the IceMule Cooler...It is so easy to carry and it folds down when empty, which is doubly important when the car is stuffed full at the end of a trip to the beach. …If you need a soft-sided cooler that is very portable, easy to use, and just the right size for an afternoon out, then the IceMule is definitely the way to go.”

Online Review at 4alloutdoors.org

It has been a long time since I have tried anything that worked as well and had such wonderful functionality as the IceMule Pro Catch cooler. This insulated cooler fits perfectly on the bow (which is "dead space") of the kayak and clips tightly in place to provide the perfect place to store your catch. I have tried the Pro Catch out in temps well over 90 degrees with fish that were caught in the early morning and not taken out until late in the evening and they were still cold to the touch. The other great thing about the Pro Catch is the ease of storage and cleaning. This is the last kayak cooler I will ever need. Thank you IceMule for making what the kayak fishing world needed.”

M Patterson, President, North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association

What an amazing cooler. We have been looking for a soft cooler bag like this for years and since getting an IceMule our old esky has not seen much action! We find it perfect for those regular day trips to the beach and as the IceMule packs away so small it practically lives in the boot of our car.”

E and C Cloke, Burleigh Heads, Queensland