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  • "Thankful to have the ICEMULE! Great product that allows me to throw some cold beverages over my shoulder while heading to another campsite/music fest/cookout with some friends"

    Corey H
  • Used this in a motorcycle pannier bag to store a couple of KG of pre-frozen meat for about 24 hours, overnight plus a full day of riding in 25C daytime temp with only about 1-2KG of ice in the cooler. The cooler was wrapped up fairly tightly with most of the air pushed out of the insulating layer to fit in the pannier, probably pretty much the worse case for insulation but there was still about half the solid ice after 24 hours and the meat had barely started to defrost. Also had no leaking of the defrosted ice from the bag. Had to actually get the meat out for a couple of hours to defrost on the table before cooking. Awesome product.

  • Amazing and so worth the money. Also i use ice bricks in mine as i use it for work it stays in hot car for 8 hours. And i still have ice in my drink at the end of a hot day. So great and looks good to also comfortable to carry unlike other bulky eskys. So happy with it.

  • I was looking for a soft cooler bag that could be taken on the road for the holidays. It folded compactly and when in use kept food cold all day and no outward condensation. I can definitely recommend the product after a solid 2-week workout.