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The IceMule keeps your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours. It’s completely waterproof with welded seams and no zippers, which means it even floats. Or, roll the IceMule up for quick and easy storage while you contemplate the next excursion.

The ICEMULE Classic™ Small has a 10-liter capacity and is the most portable size of the Classic. Perfect size if you need a soft cooler bag only for your personal use, or maybe a picnic with your special someone. The Small Classic has you covered by being the smallest, most mobile cooler bag we offer.

With fabric 2x thicker than a regular soft cooler plus reinforced laser welded seams, the IceMule Classic is an everyday insulated cooler bag designed to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.


  • In Use Dimensions: 23cm diameter x 43cm tall 
  • Capacity: 10L / 9 cans + ice 
  • Weight: 0.75kgs


  • Always ColdICEMULE® Coolers retain solid ice for over 24 hours. That’s a full day, hiking up the steepest mountains or getting a golden tan at the beach, worth of cold.
  • Accessible: Zippers schmipper. Our roll-top design eliminates the cumbersome zipping, making it easy to access whatever’s in your soft cooler without the zipper hassle.
  • It Floats: Along with keeping your drinks colder than cold, ICEMULE® Coolers are built with welded seams and without leaky zippers, so they’re waterproof through and through. The huge bonus to being 100% waterproof: each cooler can float right along with you.
  • PortableYour ICEMULE® Cooler straps comfortably to your back, leaving both arms free to grab your surfboard, fishing pole or any other gear your adventure calls for.
  • Compact: It’s hard to imagine not using your ICEMULE® Cooler, but in those cases, just roll it up and store it easily until the next adventure, or pack it up for traveling to your next basecamp.
90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with the IceMule for any reason, just return it within 90 days and we’ll gladly refund the purchase price. Check out the FAQs page for more details.
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    Great for motorcyclists

    Posted by Wayne McDonald on 12th Apr 2023

    I am a motorcyclist and have found the Ice Mule great for keeping things cool on hot days on the bike. It's flexible enough to make fit into different spots on my bike and keeps things cool in days of 35 + degrees. I highly recommend Ice MUle for bikers.

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    Great product for motorcycling

    Posted by Wayne McDonald on 11th Mar 2023

    I have been touring on motorcycles with the same mate for 47 years and the 9 can Ice Mule has been a game changer! Why? Main reason is that I can carry butter! Seems simple but these days we stay in motels and can have toast in the morning with butter. A luxury I never thought would happen. We also carry 1-2 prepared meals for the first and second evening so we don't have to go out iff we don't want to. Simple things but make a big difference. It's shape fits into a bag on the rack and the insulation works well - even on days of 32+ weather most of the day. Highly recommend.

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    Incredibly handy!

    Posted by Peta O'Brien on 5th Jan 2021

    Bought this for my sister and she loves it! Keeps drinks cold and easy to carry.